Saturday, 31 March 2012

Budge-It: This weeks cool find

Leather Wrap Belt

During Christmas time, Sam and I went to Winter Wonderland, which is London's winter carnival. While perusing the various vendor stands, I came across one that was selling leather wrap belts like this one from Isabella Oliver. 

I was almost ready to hand over my money for one when I had pre-buyers remorse. It was Christmas time and I was really about to spend this much money on a belt? 

In the end, I didn't buy that belt but I have thought about it every so often. Today, while trolling through my favorite charity shops, I just happened to come across one and fell in LOVE! Not only, was it even better than I remembered from the Winter Wonderland belts, but it was only 3.99!!!! And for that, this leather wrap belt is this week's Budge-It item. Most defiantly a cool find.

What is the best cool find you've had lately?

C x

Friday, 30 March 2012

In the Land of Kiwis

In a few weeks time, Sam and I are traveling to New Zealand to meet up with some good friends of ours. Sam has asked me (multiple times) to make a list of everything I need ("want") for the trip. Fumbling through numerous magazines and websites, I've put together some of my favorite pieces to create my ultimate "New Zealand Look". Although the boots may not be too practical, I couldn't resist.

Ecote Canvas Rucksack:
Frye Lucy Lace Up Boots:
Hollingworth Chino:
Cream Sheer Bird Top:
Ray Ban Erika:
Red Arabesque Frame Locket:

What would your ultimate travel outfit include?  

C x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Sun is in the Sky oh why oh why Would I Want to be Anywhere Else...

Today marked the hottest day of the year in London. I know what you're probably thinking, it's only March. Yes, it is only March. But here in London, everytime the sun is out and is actually producing some sort of heat, it's important.

I thought I'd share with you today a piece I wrote last month, while dreaming of a day like today....

Hope you enjoy!

~Winter months are treacherous on any living soul but for Londoners, the winter months are almost intolerable. When the sun begins to shine, it’s as if the winter skin is shed and completely new, happier people are born. I know this, as I am one of them. A damp, cold and dreary winter has always haunted me as my worst enemy. I can’t help but become miserable with the never changing climate. Waking up in the darkness and then leaving work in the darkness, is enough to destroy anyone’s happiness. 

It is now February. Gradually, the sun is staying out to play longer each night. The frost is beginning to disappear and soon enough, the city of London will bud and bloom into the glorious summer city. 

Imagine you are on a bicycle. Your senses are open to each and every detail surrounding you. Slowly moving your feet down, then up, hold those summer senses. The dog that ran into the pond chasing geese, you can smell his fur. The sun beating down on your skin, the warmth is enough to hug you forever. The sound of laughter, whether it be children’s or adults, you don’t care. The sound of happiness is enough. You can feel the slight breeze through your bare skin as you pedal through the city streets. Or the slight splash of water from a passing boat as you soar down the pathway parallel to the river.

Next to you, a park, with families romping through the grass, or a couple sharing a picnic. 

The smell of BBQ’s becomes the summer’s perfume. Filling the nostrils of all who pass by. Iced drinks become a craving and your window constantly stays ajar for those few months.

The sun has the inevitable ability to grow smiles, whether from the young or old. It is nature’s one true gift to human kind and in London, this is never taken for granted.

I have never experienced a summer like this. Like this of London. Five months out of the year I dream of it, the summer, and where it will take me. The adventures are endless during a summer in London.
One day, I will miss it. My friend, the summer of London.~

Clockwise: Richmond Riverside - a wonderful place to people watch; The backyard of our old house; St Paul's Cathedral which was taken from the Thames riverbank and is not something that happens very often;  London Eye which is an amazing place for a picnic (Big Ben in the background).
C x

First Step into the Blogosphere

Well, here I finally am. After months of procrastination, I'm finally posting for the first time. So.....WELCOME!!!

My name is Cassie, a twenty (something), living in the glorious city of London, England. I moved here about two years ago with my husband Sam and absolutely love it! I do miss the Californian sunshine but I know one day I'll be back. 

About 6 months ago, I started playing around with the blog idea. I came quite close a few times, but my commitment would fizzle away, fast. I know this time I will stick with it because I've got so many wonderful ideas to share and a requirement to fulfil a hobby!

Since moving to London, I have became very infatuated with fashion. Until I met Sam, I was a jeans, hoodie and flip flops girl. And now, I can honestly say, I don't even own a hoodie! Needless to say, this blog will feature a lot of fashion. I will also be posting about two of my other loves, travelling and writing. Some of the recurring posts will be, Budge-It the Weekly Cool Find; Vintage Piece of the Week, What I'm Reading; Travelog; among many others.

I've been told many times that I'm fairly odd but have always embraced it and hope that it will shine through in this blog. The Girl Across the Pond will follow the journey of me, an American in London and all the amazing stories I have and will have to share with you.

Thanks for stopping by!

I'll be seeing you all soon!

C x
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