Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Countdown to New Zealand!

Well everyone, we're finally in the home stretch. In one week from today, husband and I are commencing our New Zealand adventures.It feels like only yesterday this idea was spawned.

We were in the pub with our friends just before Christmas. They were about to embark on a world travelling expedition and Sam and I were headed to Seattle to celebrate the birth of my second niece. A few glasses of wine into the evening and the next thing I knew we were making plans to meet them in New Zealand and China later this year!!

China is still a few months away but New Zealand, well that's right around the corner. In honor of my excitement, I have put together some photos of everything I've put together so far, for the trip.

Travelling hat. Sam insists on having a 'travelling hat' everytime we go away. So this trip, I thought I'd join in on the fun. Picked this one up at Primark for cheap, so if I accidentally lose it, no biggie.

Travel journal, passports and mini New Zealand guide book? Check!

Jewelry: I am keeping most of the clothing I'm packing pretty simple as we are probably going to be very active, but I have to be able to accessorize. These are the few pieces I have picked to take with me.

My sister made this necklace for me. I've unofficially dubbed it my good luck charm.

Backpacks, day bags and my new favorite charity shop find - my leather bag.

A few of the items I purchased for the trip. My poncho, chinos, t-shirts (love Primark for tees!), shorts and a few sweaters...

The two pairs of shoes I bought. My TOMs who were featured in my previous post and my yellow moccasins from Primark. Can you tell we raided Primark?

Have any of you been to New Zealand? Would love to hear your stories.

Happy Hump Day!!

C x


Victoria said...

I love the shoes.. that yellow color is perfect!

- Victoria

nikki said...

cute blog!! feel free to stop by my blog if you get a moment!

xo, nikki

jas said...

love your boat shoes!

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