Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Love Pearls

When I was growing up, pearls had always been considered old fashioned. They were a classic piece in any woman's wardrobe, but at the pinnacle of fashion? 

When Sam and I got married, my mother asked if I wanted to wear her pearls. The pearls my father had always insisted he was going to purchase for her, and that previous Christmas, he finally had. Wanting to keep with the, "Something old, something new," rule, I said yes. Since that day, I seem to have grown a very close relationship with pearls. 

Whether they are genuine or costume jewelry (beads with a pearl finish), pearls are and always will be a statement piece in any woman's wardrobe. Now I understand that not everyone will have this same opinion, but to me, pearls represent beauty and elegance and more often then not, they are a part of my outfit.

Whether in your hair, on your ears or around your neck, pearls should hold a place in your jewelry box. Even if you won't wear them now, you'll be happy you have them later.

What's a classic piece of jewelry you love?

C x


A "cheery" disposition said...

pearls are such a classic piece of jewelry... the could never go out of style. I'm blessed to have a nice pearl bracelet that I hope to hand down one day.

Jane said...

I could not agree more on pearls.. Classic but timeless !!
Thanks for sharing your pics ;-)

Cassie said...

and thank you for stopping by!

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