Tuesday, 24 April 2012

May the Odds Be Ever in your Favour

I know what you're all probably thinking, where have I been. It's true. As of Sunday, I had not jumped on The Hunger Games bandwagon. But so much has changed since Sunday.

I have always been curious about the series and had planned to read it for quite sometime. Sunday, Sam and I did some last minute New Zealand shopping and I thought, why not. Plus it was by one get one half off. There is just something about when the words 'Half' and 'Price' come together that makes me so happy. Anyways, back to the point. I had decided to save the books for the long travel to New Zealand but did that happen? I started The Hunger Games on Sunday night and finished this afternoon. Book one down.

Once I was halfway through, I made a deal with myself. I said, "Self, we have to save Catching Fire for the plane journey." To this, I agreed.

40 pages into to Catching Fire. So I'll get the third instalment of Katniss and friends at the airport. No biggie.

The story immediately stuck it's claws in me. As corny as it may sound, I can really relate to Katniss. Although I've never come close to dying of starvation, or been stuck in an arena with 23 other teenagers that want to kill me (although I went to high school), I have, in my life had to put others before myself on more than one occasion. By no means am I complaining. This helped mold me into the person I am today. Again, I'm trailing. Relate to Katniss, blah blah blah. This book has consumed me. I couldn't wait to get on the bus before and after work just so I had the freedom to read. This morning, I think I actually muttered a few words of disgust at the bus when the journey ended. I have fallen to the knees of this story and I'll be down here until I finish every last word.

I'm sure most of you have read them, or seen the movie, and all I have to say is, Why didn't you tell me? If you haven't already, run down (don't walk) to the local bookstore and get these books. Don't just buy the first cause trust me, you'll need 2 & 3. I don't think I've ever said this about a 20 hour plane journey, but I'm actually excited. I plan on putting in my headphones, turning on my reading mix (yes, I have a reading mix) and once again, loosing myself in District 12, the Capitol or wherever else Katniss decides to take me. 

Have you been to The Hunger Games?

Tomorrow, Sam and I leave for New Zealand. Two days will be consumed by travel and I am unsure of where we will be, when. I have decided that I will be blogging while gone because, well, travel is a passion and I want to share it with you all. So please stayed tuned over the next two and a half weeks, as vicariously, you will be in New Zealand too.

Hope you're all having a glorious Tuesday!

C x


Lisa said...

I read the trilogy when each installment came out. I have read each book three times since. It is such a great story. I wrote a review of the movie and an alternate ending on my blog, so if you want to check them out when you finish the final book, that would be cool. ^_^

Have you seen the movie??

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

I haven't read the books nor have I seen the movie, but your post may have just convinced me to! Sounds riveting!

Hope you have a nice time in NZ, my boyfriend LOVED it there when he was there last year.

The Urban Umbrella


Anonymous said...

I'm so curious to read these books!! they r not popular in italy tho =)

caise said...

oh I've never read this book but I'm glad you like it :-)
have fun! :-)

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