Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Getting Ready for the Weekend

I know, I know. It's only Tuesday. But there is lots happening this weekend so I thought I'd start early!

This weekend, the Queen of England will be celebrating 60 years on the throne. The Diamond Jubilee is causing a lot of who ha and Sam and I are going to join in on the fun. We were able to make up to London town last year for the Royal Wedding and it was amazing, so I'm really looking forward to this 4 day weekend.

In preparation for this weekend's festivities, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite pictures from London. 

Night out. This bar served their cocktails in tea cups! 

Rooftop bar. That's Trafalgar square behind me. 

 London Eye around Christmas time.
 The only snow London got this year was in February. Me and Ben in the snow...

 I've seen Big Ben hundreds of times in my life, but everytime I see him it's like the first time. I think Sam will start refusing to take these pictures soon. But are there every enough?
 Here's another...
 Boat taxi along the Thames. Rainy day, but it was still amazing.
 My love and St Paul's Cathedral. 
 The Thames has a beach? Yes it does, occasionally. We frolicked on it that day.
 3rd picture of Ben in this post. I may have a slight obsession.
 Inside Tower Bridge
 Why yes. It is perfectly normal to find oversized living room furniture made out of fake grass in the middle of a city.

This last picture I stole from my friend Tom. But it's one of my favorites...

Hope you're all loving your Tuesday!

C x

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summer is Here

Well...It may finally be summer here in England. This past week we have, fortunately, had gorgeous weather and yesterday Sam and I decided to enjoy it. 
We started off in Twickenham and followed the Thames down to Richmond riverside. There was such many beautiful places so I decided to take the opportunity and get some outfit shots.
Hope you're all having the most fabulous of weekends!!

C x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Five to be exact!

I've seen quite a few posts expressing favorites. Well, I quite like the idea so I am following suit!

Below are five of my favorite things. There is, of course, a reason why each has made this list today and I've detailed that below.

 My Canon Powershot S5 IS. It's the second one I've owned. The first was bought before I backpacked Europe and accidentally left in a portable toliet at a Moto GP race a month before. That night, I forced my dad to take me to Target so I could purchase another one. Four years later and this little baby is still going strong. I will be purchasing my first SLR camera in a few months time but I will definitely be keeping old reliable around. It's traveled the world with me.
 My Ray Bans. I'm taking them for a tune up this weekend as they are 35 years old. My mother in law gave them to me last summer and I've been in love with them ever since. I love not only the look of them, but the history that came with them.
 My wave tattoo.....
 I have a profound love of the ocean and have always wanted a wave tattoo. After many years of research, I found this painting. I had seen it previously but never thought it could be drawn as a tattoo. When I showed the painting to my tattoo artist, he got really excited as it's one of his favorite paintings. Needless to say he did an amazing job and I've always been extremely happy with it.

This Billabong t-shirt. As previously stated, I love the ocean and while living in California I surfed....A lot. Back then I didn't seem to have much appreciation for fashion and wore t-shirts like this with jeans and flip flops most of the time. It's one of my last 'surf' t-shirts and has always been my favorite. 

My shoes in a bag from Singapore. I saw these while travelling out to Sydney and loved them. On the way back to London, they were on my mind. As we flew standby, we had to wait for our names to be called which didn't happen until they had almost finished boarding the plane. I was a bit upset that I wasn't able to go back to the shop and purchase these when Sam suggested we go. When I asked if we had time he said it didn't matter and that he just wanted me to be happy.  Although I would have been happy without the shoes,  we ran to the shop, grabbed them and ran back to the gate just as it was closing. Not only do I love the shoes but it's just another reminder of how far my husband would go for me. Even over a silly pair of flats.

Those are just a few of my favorite things.

What are some of yours?

Happy hump day!

C x

Sunday, 20 May 2012

My Feet Were Here

Welcome to the last installment (the "secret" post)of my New Zealand posts!

I don't have a reason why, but sometimes, I like to take pictures of my feet. This mostly happens at the beach but while in New Zealand, I thought it might be a neat way of documenting exactly where I've been and the feeling I held while in that place. And so....My Feet Were Here was born.

This is something I'm sure I will do for years to come as I've found it really does help me capture that feeling I had while in those particular places. A reminder of how happy travelling makes me.

I'm hoping this idea while go one of two ways:

A. Inspire you to use it as a way of capture moments and emotions around the world. It doesn't have to be a far off land. It could be your favorite place in your own hometown.


B. You'll all think I'm completely nuts...

I'm crossing my fingers for A!!!

Anyways...I hope you enjoy My Feet Were Here. I had a blast creating it.

Sian joined in on the fun...

Would love to hear your thoughts!

C x

New Zealand in 3 Minutes and 58 Seconds

Featuring "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show

Prior to leaving for NZ, I had decided to take small videos throughout the trip, which I would later piece together to create a video collage of our travels. I have completed the video and, of course, want to share it with all of you.

It isn't professional quality but I still think you'll get a good idea of how amazing that country is.

So...I hope you all enjoy seeing New Zealand in 3 minutes and 58 seconds.


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sweet as bro.

Sweet as bro: Second most common phrase in New Zealand after "awesome". Said when someting is rather good instead of just "good" or "OK"

Today's post is specifically dedicated to the glorious south island of New Zealand. Although I am so thankful for being able to experience the brilliance that the south island has to offer, I don't believe I saw even half of what I should have.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and then moving to Southern California, I have been very fortunate in my life to see so much beauty. I must say, my eyes were in for a treat. Sometimes, I found myself just staring at my surroundings, mesmerized by the beauty thinking it had to be a painting that I was staring at. I have never seen a place more beautiful than New Zealand and the south island only confirmed this.

Whales, dolphins, fur seals, snow capped mountains, the bluest of blue lakes, the brightest moon you'll ever see, friendly kiwi's, small towns, gorgeous landscapes, sheep, glaciers, waterfalls, crystal clear night skies, are just a few ways to describe the south island.

I've included some of my favorite photos from the south island below. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them!!

 Kaikoura. This corner was our home for two nights. Not a bad view for the morning.
 Kaikoura. I fell in love with this town.
He was asleep sitting up for quite a while, then finally gave in and laid his head down. Sian and I almost took him home.
 Fur seal pups. They make there way to this waterfall for a week at time to learn to socialize. By doing this, they become very familiar with humans. We watched them play for a long time. And one almost jumped on Sian's lap!
 Kaikoura at sunset. Can you tell I liked this place?
 Fearsome foursome. Sam, Tom, Sian and me. I love the moon in this picture. Oh and this is Kaikoura... again.
 Love him.
 Our whale watch tour guide told us that these dolphins have relations multiple times a day and if you believe in reincarnation, this was the animal to come back as. ha!
 Watching the dusky dolphins.
 Sperm whale tale. Sperm whales are the third biggest whale in the world. We saw two!
 Arthur's Pass. This hike was treacherous. Sam had to literally push me at times. But the view wasn't too shabby.
 How much do you love New Zealand?
 Small pit stop at the lake.
 Every body of water was like the earth's natural mirror. It was so beautiful!
 Love this one.
 Our breakfast table at Lake Wanaka.
 Our home for the night. Lake Wanaka.
 Check out the snow capped mountains behind me.
 Chasing the moon.
 Like I said. Earth's natural mirror!
 The last of our natural wonder spots. Then it was on to Christchurch.
Right before we got to Christchurch, we found this bar out in the middle of no where. The couple were motorcycle enthusiasts (I love Moto GP) and they even had a pet eel!!! It was just another reason why New Zealand is amazing.

Where is the most beautiful place in the world to you?

C x
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