Sunday, 20 May 2012

My Feet Were Here

Welcome to the last installment (the "secret" post)of my New Zealand posts!

I don't have a reason why, but sometimes, I like to take pictures of my feet. This mostly happens at the beach but while in New Zealand, I thought it might be a neat way of documenting exactly where I've been and the feeling I held while in that place. And so....My Feet Were Here was born.

This is something I'm sure I will do for years to come as I've found it really does help me capture that feeling I had while in those particular places. A reminder of how happy travelling makes me.

I'm hoping this idea while go one of two ways:

A. Inspire you to use it as a way of capture moments and emotions around the world. It doesn't have to be a far off land. It could be your favorite place in your own hometown.


B. You'll all think I'm completely nuts...

I'm crossing my fingers for A!!!

Anyways...I hope you enjoy My Feet Were Here. I had a blast creating it.

Sian joined in on the fun...

Would love to hear your thoughts!

C x


caise said...

hihi you are not the only one who takes pics of foots :D

wow stunning views!

Victoria said...

What a great idea :D So many lovely pictures!

- Victoria

Lisa said...

That is a fantastic idea!!!!! I love it!!! ^_^

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