Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Dad's Day!

Today is Father's Day. I had so much fun writing this post, because it allowed me to think of some of my favorite memories of my
Dad. While reflecting on the awesomeness that is my Dad, I thought I'd take the time to say thank you.

So Dad, thank you- 

For letting me sleep in the day after my birthday before a 12 hour motorcycle ride to northern California. 

For teaching me to always put my seat belt on.

For making me realize that you would never give me anything I can't handle.

For always believing in me.

For making me sleep downstairs in stormy weather just in case a tree hit the house.

For picking me up from school on the tandem bicycle. You must have really looked silly riding that bike by yourself. 

For Wednesday date nights, surfing, movies, dinner....

For the advice, "Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end."

For telling me, "Go. Be happy", right before I got on the plane to move to London.

For storing my surfboard for me.

For being my biggest fan, even if I struck out.

For giving me all of the tools I need in life, and reminding me if I sometimes forget.

For throwing away that homemade motorcycle stand you made. 

For teaching me to ride a scooter.

For waking up, before sunrise, just to watch a motorcycle race.

For snuggling Tino. Even though you still won't admit you like him.

For teaching me to cook.

For keeping all the crap we made you as kids. That stuff is really great to look at now. Even though it's still quite crap.

For teaching me how to drive a car. Even if I did dump the f***ing clutch sometimes.

For burning the bacon that one time. I still only ever eat it crispy.

For the most amazing speech you wrote for the wedding. I am so blessed to have had my father give me away and officiate.

For sharing your memories with me. I know they're not always the easiest to share, but I'm glad you do.

For building, fixing, growing, installing everything and anything. Even when you had no idea what in the hell you were doing.

For telling the same cheesy jokes. They'll always be my favorite and I wouldn't forget any of them.

For calling me Plunkleberry. I still the only one.

You're one of the best friends I have ever had, Dad. You really don't know how much you mean to me, on this day and everyday.

 To Laguna Seca!! 2009

 Teaching the son-in-law how to ride the dirt bike.

Hanging lights with the son-in-laws.

Papa and Chloeigh

Ahhh...Still so cute after 30 years.

I Love you Daddy. Happy Father's Day.

C x


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this very personal post.

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Wow this was just so beautiful. You're a lovely writer and I just enjoyed reading this so so much. It's beautiful how much you adore your dad, seriously made me feel prickles of tears because this was just so so sweet.

The Urban Umbrella

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