Saturday, 7 July 2012

Books Worth Reading

I know most of you have probably jumped all over the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy but for those who aren't there (or past it), here are a few books worth reading....

(By the way, I tend to read trendy books after the hype. So, don't rule me out on picking up those bad boys. I probably will in a few months time.)

1. The Book Thief

I can spend hours, literally hours, in a book store. One Saturday, while probably trying to move me through quickly, Sam decided to help me look for a book. He picked this one up and after reading a bit of the plot, I thought why not. (hey that rhymed!)

Two pages in and I was in love! First off, the book is written from Death's point of view. I know right?!? It follows a girl in Germany during World War II. It is incredibly sad but so very well written. I was obsessed through the entire thing! Don't want to give too much away, but it's definitely a good read.

Very impress with Mr Zusak's writing style. I've also picked up his newest novel, Fighting Ruben Wolfe, just haven't had the chance to let it consume me yet.

2. The Great Gatsby
For years, I had stated that I needed to read Gatsby. Last year for my birthday, I finally got my chance. Sam picked it up for me and I immediately cracked it open. It's so very hard to explain how this book engulfed me. It didn't grip me throughout and it took much longer for me to finish it then most other novels. But it caught me somehow. And it's now one of my all time favorites.

I know that the film will be out this year and I have to say, although skeptical, I am excited to see it. Let's just hope that Leonardo DiCaprio does Gatsby and Mr. Fitzgerald proud.

3. A Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

I learned so much from this book! World War II fascinates in every single way. And this book taught me a whole new part of the war. 

A young Chinese boy and Japanese girl meet in Seattle and instantly become friends. Unfortunately the round up of the Japanese forces them apart.

It's such a fantastic story and so very heart felt! Plus it's set in Washington state (where I grew up), and it's always amazing to read about places you know about.

Not as tear jerker like as the first two, but something I definitely recommend.

4. Everything is Illuminated
I just ordered Everything is Illuminated yesterday and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival on my doorstep.

My dad and I saw the film a few years back and it moved me. It seemed to hold every emotion you can fathom. 

Although I haven't read it yet, I know I am going to love it.

I finished Safran Foer's newest book, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, a few months ago and that too was fantastic.

5. Round Ireland with a Fridge
Two words. Drunken bet.

When English comedian had one too many with a few friends, he woke up the next morning with a piece of paper that stated he would travel around the circumference of Ireland, with a fridge.

And it is just that ridiculous. Absolute laugh out loud true account of Mr Hawks' ups and downs through Ireland, with the one and only fridge.

Everytime I pick up this book, it just makes me want to travel, right there and then. 

I've read all of Tony Hawks' personal accounts but this is my all time favorite. It you like a laugh, this is the book for you.

What are you reading?

Hope the weekend is treating you well!!

C x


Anonymous said...

Great post! Can't wait to see the Great Gatsby movie. That's the only book I've read of those you've mentioned. Currently still reading The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson. A friend recommended the EL James trilogy. These may be up next. xoxo

caise said...

I'm currently reading some books for my thesis booo

Tiffany said...

I haven't read any of these but great suggestions! I also have a huge interest in WWII so I definitely want to check out #1 & #3.
I've never read The Great Gatsby yet but I've been meaning to for the longest time as well!

I'm currently finishing up A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway..if you haven't read it before/love Paris I would recommend it

Elly - jazzlipsandtulips said...

The book thief is one of my absolute favorites!!! It was amazing! Xx Elly

Ali said...

Not reading anything at the moment, but that Tony Hawk book sounds funny, I might have to give that a go!

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